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Managing Risk - VMS Compliance Strategies, GDPR and Beyond

Wednesday, March 21
Bryan Peña | SVP, Contingent Workforce Strategies | SIA
Fiona Coombe | Director, Legal & Regulatory Research | SIA
Ammu Warrier | President | DCR
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2018/03/21 3:00 PM GMT

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

The fundamental goal of most programs has always been to manage cost, ensure quality talent, increase programme efficiency and minimize risk. Today companies may have to choose to focus on one goal at the expense of another. It is a very tough choice to sacrifice talent quality for the sake of maximizing cost control or vice versa. But in 2018 compliance is critical and risk takes a front seat. 



Beyond tracking contract performance and controlling access to data how do you manage risk in your CW program? What are the strategies one can employ in their VMS to address IR35 or GDPR?

Legal Landscape

The legal and legislative issues that are fundamentally altering the way companies leverage technology, people and process.


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